Backyard & Small Urban Farming

Aquaponics is the joint cultivation of fish and plants in a man made re-circulating ecosystem that allows sustainable natural food growing without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our goal in these workshops is to empower you to grow your own food naturally, right in your own garden. Sahib’s training workshops by Aquaponics Urban Guru’s are a wonderful way to learn and gain knowledge and the skills to successfully practice Aquaponics. Experienced Aquaponics gardeners and other professionals teach them. They are “Gurus” in their field and are willing to share their knowledge to empower you to grow your food locally and grow it naturally! They use simple language and will take their time to ensure that you understand and learn.

Who should attend?buy-now-orange

Everyone! We want to empower you to grow food for yourself and your family. Grown locally and grown naturally without any harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Saturday and Sunday – 9.30am to 5.00pm

Course Workshop Manual and a Certificate of Participation.

Friendly’s Tabletop or Micro System Manual & Murray Hallam’s “Aquaponics Made Easy” Video (these can be ordered directly or through us – possible discount price for course participants).

Tea & Coffee refreshments, snacks and light lunch.

$350.00 if booked and prepaid in full 10 days before start date. Use Code “BOOK-EARLY” Regular cost $395.00 (We offer $45.00 discount off the regular cost for an additional family member)

Call us at 909-575-8334 or email buy-now-orange

Workshop Course Content

Basics: Day 1

Classroom Session & Hands-on Field Session:

✔ Session 1: Workshop Introduction, What is Aquaponics, why do it, the Nitrogen Cycle and how does it work.

✔ Session 2: Basic System Types Layout/Design/Filtration with Plumbing and siphon demonstration.

✔ Lunch

✔ Session 3: System Tour Phase 1, Assemble a “Table Top” Aquaponics system, water testing, basic plants and fish.

✔ Wrap up of Day 1 of the Workshop – Questions & Answers.


Application: Day 2

Classroom Session & Hand-on Field Session:

✔ Session 3: Recap of Day 1, Seed starting methods, Incorporating Aquaponics growing methods – Raft, NFT, Media-filled Systems, Verticals, Recirculating Wicking Beds – advantages / disadvantages, if any.

✔ Session 4: What and how much do you want to grow / Introduction to Environmental Control and Greenhouses

✔ Lunch

✔ Session 5: Assemble a larger system and demonstrate how to incorporate the different Aquaponics growing methods to maximize growth. Explain the workings of the “Zero Lot” hybrid Aquaponics system.

✔ What’s your next plan of action? Feed Hunger Now.

✔ Wrap up of Workshop – Summary of what was covered during the Workshop

✔ Questions & Answers followed by Award Workshop completion certificate


This workshop will empower you to build an Aquaponics system, either indoors or outdoors and begin to grow your own food naturally. The Friendly Tabletop Aquaponics System Manual is well written and includes a lot of excellent detailed information as well as construction plans and materials list. This Manual is available for purchase. We also recommend Murray Hallam’s “Aquaponics Made Easy” Video which will complement what you will learn. We will try to offer discounts to workshop participants.

Feed Hunger Now: Sahib will donate $25.00 per workshop participant to Feed Hunger Now

*Discounts for Senior Citizens, US Military & IDEAS for US members. Please see our Cancellation Policy:

We provide a 10% discount for Senior Citizens (65 and young), US Military & IDEAS for US members . We will need proof and limit the number of these discounts to 4 per class. Please NOTE: As we have to per-book the venue and incur expenses to conduct these Workshops, NO refunds will be provided unless the Workshop is cancelled by us. We may consider partial credit (75% of amount paid), to transfer to another Workshop of the same kind or towards the cost of another Workshop. Please consider this before booking and payment. We do reserve the right to update and change the Workshop content and or instructors without notice. It the workshop is cancelled by us, for any reason, a full refund of amount paid will be issued. ONLY ONE DISCOUNT APPLIES!

Individual sessions can be booked by calling us: 909.575.8334


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