Testimonials for Sahib Aquaponics


Here are some testimonials we have received for our Urban Hybrid Aquaponics Systems and from Aquaponics Workshop participants…

We’ve seen his system, and it is the most amazing hybrid system, with deep-water raft culture (like ours), media bed, vertical towers, and NFT. Combining it all with plants in the ground, water with AP water, he has five (!) different types of Aquaponics going, in what is the most complex system I have ever seen – and it works! And he makes it easy to understand!” Susanne Friend, Friendly Aquaponics Sept 2011


Hello Sahib, I really enjoyed your 2 day Aquaponics class. It was very informative and practical. You made what seemed like complicated gardening into a fun learning experience. Your explanations made it easy to comprehend the principles behind Aquaponics. Seeing your Aquaponics garden and your simple systems setup demonstration, removed all doubts. Even though I am a beginner, I am confident that I can do this now. It opened up a whole new world of providing healthy “organic” food for myself and others. An excellent job done! I will recommend you classes to everyone.” Rajaji, Dec 2011 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


In March 2012, I had the opportunity to attend a two day workshop held at Sahib’s Aquaponics Education and Training Center. Sahib offers direction on how to cut expenses and to determine what you need and do not need…There is “hands on” training available for the actual building of operating systems that is designed for one’s own purpose and need. The discussion about the life cycle, the dynamics concerning water, fish, bacteria and plants, was very interesting and informative…The presentations were direct and clearly understood. Time for questions and answers was integrated into each topic. Sahib’s passion for growing organically is contagious. I found the innovative growing techniques extremely helpful and they captured my imagination. You can learn to raise fish and grow a variety of plants for profit. You can learn to grow your own healthy, organic food for family, friends and for helping those in need. I sincerely enjoyed the workshop. It provided a wealth of helpful information and practical guidance. The workshop cost is a very reasonable fee considering the wealth of knowledge and information I received. For me the Workshop was time and money well spent! I highly recommend Sahib’s Aquaponics for anyone”. Art Gann, March 2012 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


[heading style=”1″]Some recent Testimonials form the April 2013 2 Day Backyard and Small Urban Farm Aquaponics Workshop: [/heading]

I was amazed that the workshop was as detailed as much as it was!! Thank you! The hands on demo were excellent. Well-paced & just right amount of info. It’s great to know you’re available for questions. Great Value! Participant April 2013 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


When is the follow-up? I can’t wait to start a small system and put these methods into practice. My goals were more than satisfied.” Participant April 2013 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


I obtained the basis and experience to start my first Aquaponics system. Course was well rounded because multiple presenters contributed to the training. I enjoyed how the multiple systems were presented from basic to advanced” Naeem Levin, April 2013 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


My curiosity of the way Aquaponics system is operated has been fulfilled. Growing herbs, vegetables and fruits without hormones, such as steroids is wonderful yet all natural. The fact is that it’s a better way of living to all mankind. I also thought that the guest speaker was very helpful in a medical and environment aspect” Pee-Jay April 2013 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


Get off YouTube and go see it, feel it, do it! A great way to get started” Nicloe April 2013 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop


This was an excellent class. It actually was an interest I have had for quite some time and my family brought for me for my Birthday. This was the best birthday present I have ever received. Thank you” Paul Couch April 2013 Aquaponics 2 Day Workshop