Sahib Aquaponics Free Farm Tour : Jan 2012

Sahib Aquaponics Farm Tour Jan 2012

Happy New Year!


We had 18 visitors on the first Free Farm tour last Saturday, one group from 9.00am and the other from 10.30am. Everyone who attended left with a big smile on their face and made comments that they would now seriously consider starting their own Aquaponics systems and look at attending the Aquaponics Workshops by Aquaponics Urban Gurus. There were a couple of educators in the groups, one who teaches elementary students and one who teaches high school students. At the end of the tour, Sahib informed the two educators that if they attended the next 2 day Aquaponics Workshops scheduled for March 10th & 11, he would donate a Nano or a Micro Hybrid Aquaponics system for them to teach their students.


Sahib shared with them the following example. He asked them, how do you start bonfire? Both answered that you should start with small twigs that will light easily than the big logs. Small children will learn this wonderful knowledge quickly and will be able to expand its use significantly as they grow. It is for this reason that Sahib stated that he would be happy to donate such systems to the educators to teach our children this wonderful way of life.

Here are some of the thank you e-mails we recently received following the Farm Tours…

“Hello David, I will like to thank you, John and Mr. Sahib for the tour this weekend.  I enjoyed it very much.”

“ I had a great time this past saturday.  It answered many questions that I had.  I am strongly considering your class possibly in March.  I should be able to bring more people interested in Aquaponics in March.  I will let you know the numbers and time.  Thanks again.

May God bless your endevour “   

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Sahib loves to share his knowledge and encourage everyone to learn. His goal is to empower you to grow food for yourself, your family, your community and your business. Grown locally and grown naturally without any harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. He thus offers FREE Farm Tours of Sahib’s Aquaponics Research Farm.

FREE Farm tours are held the first Saturday of every month starting at 10:00am and last for about one hour. As Sahib’s Aquaponics Research Farm is located in a small facility, you will need to register as we try to limit our farm visitors to 12 per tour so as to be able to give you personal attention. Small or large groups are welcome and we encourage field trips for all class sizes. Please plan to have any groups with young children or those with special needs, be chaperoned.

Susanne & Tim of Friendly Aquaponics

Susanne & Tim of Friendly Aquaponics

We were humbled that Susan Friend and Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics accepted our humble request to visit our home in Central Florida and Sahib’s Aquaponics Research Farm and share some quality time with each other. What a wonderful time we all had with each others company and sharing the knowledge of how Aquaponics can be the key to growing food in a sustainable way of life. They spent some time at Sahib’s Aquaponic Research farm as well as the start of Phase II. Lot’s of thoughts and ideas shared 🙂
On this visit, Susan and Tim also were fortunate to visit the beautiful Hindu Temple in Casselberry which was blessed on the opening day in June 2005 from a Swami from Hawaii

Aquaponics Conference tour @ Sahib’s Aquaponics Research Farm

There were 4 tours scheduled for Friday Sept. 16th. 2011, one at 9.00am, one at 10.30am, one at 1.00 and last at 2.30pm. We actually ended up giving 7 tours as a number of Aquapon visitors arrived either much earlier than scheduled or after the tour was almost over…either lost their way, late flight arrival or other tour took longer. We tried to accommodate them all.
We were humbled at having numerous Aquapon Gurus and mentors visit our small Aquaponic Research Farm. Thank you -)