Farm Tours of Sahib’s Urban Hybrid Aquaponics Research Farm

Sahib’s Aquaponics Research Farm

Sahib loves to share his knowledge and encourage everyone to learn. His goal is to empower you to grow food for yourself, your family, your community and your business. Grown locally and naturally without any harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Sahib started to offer Free Farm Tours from March 2011 and has received over 700 visitors to date. Since the first farm tour, Sahib’s Urban Hybrid Aquaponics Research Farm has substantially increased in size as well as the methods of Aquaponics on display. This farm tour is your chance to see briefly numerous Aquaponics Systems operating in harmony, something you are not going to see elsewhere. Many have re-visited to gain further knowledge and a few have started their own Aquaponics systems from just these visits. We actually do suggest that you attend one of our competitively priced Aquaponics Training Workshops before you take this step so you do not make costly mistakes and get dishartened.
There as nominal fee of $10.00 per person for the farm tour to cover the basic expenses.
Monthly Farm Tour are held the first Saturday of every month starting at 10:00am and last for about one and half hours.  As Sahib’s Urban Hybrid Aquaponics Research Farm is located in a small facility, you will need to register as we try to limit our farm visitors to 12 per tour so as to be able to give you personal attention. Small or large groups are welcome and we encourage field trips for all class sizes. Please plan to have any groups with young children or those with special needs, be chaperoned.
We will have some “Live” plants and produce for purchase reasonable prices. Grown locally and naturally, without any harmful herbicides or chemical fertilizers. This is actually better than organic produce as we cannot use many of the items used in organics. Doing so would kill our fish!

Suggested Minimum Donation is $10.00 per individual.

Sahib also offers farm tours at other times by appointment.
If you would like a personal tour of Sahib’s Aquaponics Research Farm during regular business hours (Monday – Friday) or a weekend day, there is a base charge of $50.00 for the first guest and $30.00 for each additional person. Sahib unfortunately has to charge such fees during regular business hours or weekends as he does have other business interests to attend.
Please complete the form below for the Monthly Farm Tour and e-mail it as soon as possible. We will send you a confirmation of your reservation and time allocated along with directions to Sahib’s Aquaponics research Farm. If you are interested in a private tour, please complete the registration form below. Once payment has been processed, we will contact you as to a choice of our next available dates and times. 
Please complete a registration form for each person in the group and e-mail to us. This will ensure that we can schedule your visit so as to accommodate your whole group in one tour.
Personal Farm Tours…please complete your registration here:
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